Visit Oakwood

Oakwood Cemetery is an extremely beautiful and peaceful cemetery. Its park-like setting is where families are at ease with the resting place of their families and loved-ones. In addition, it is a very active cemetery that conducts several hundred funerals each year. Many people visit Oakwood Cemetery to spend time with family and friends who are buried or inurned here. Some people come to Oakwood to relax in the quiet and serene atmosphere.

We do remind any visitors to remain respectful of others during their visit.

  • Do not walk, jog or run near a funeral or procession.
  • All walkers, joggers and runners must be dressed appropriately. All must wear shirts.
  • Dogs must be on leash. We ask that you be considerate and clean up after them.
  • No loud music.
  • Please drive slowly while in Oakwood Cemetery. Do not allow children to climb or play on monuments and headstones.
  • Please remove your trash as you leave.